The main purpose of the Academy is the promotion of the initiatives witch includes protection of the Environment throught the research studies, in order to identify causes and solutions to the environmental degradation, considering strict relationship beetwen the environment and the human health; looking for connection among the environmental pollution and human health pathologies.

International Accademy of Environmental Sciences considers that the environmental problems should be faced in supranational view and it is commited for a long time in to establish of International Environmental Criminal Court and the promotion of a new Community Istitution as an European Environmental Criminal Court.

Through the recognition of the environmental disasters as crimes against the Humanity, important tools could be realized in order to face those problems with common worldwide sollution, what is more, in this way the certainty and the equality of the sentances would be guaranteed in correlation to the important issue of the Institutional national and international Relationships.

IAES contemplates to establish a Scientific Observatory of the Environmental Disasters using as research tool, an informative system EDO (Enviromental Disaster Observer), an International Laboratory on the Environmental Disasters with interdisciplinary works publications, technological-sanitary bank-data and historical-juridical-sanitary-scientific Laboratory, that will create an interdisciplinary bank date to give a support for the establishment of the Criminal Court.

Obtained information will be provided to international and national public authorities and other public and private subjects through the underwriting of an appropriate convention.