Article 1 - NAME AND LOGO
The “INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES” (henceforth called the Academy) is hereby established in Venice, with its registered office at ex Convento dei Servi di Maria, Campo della Chiesa 3, Sant’Elena, 30122 Venice. The Academy is an autonomous international scientific association founded by a group of scientists of different nationalities and distinguished experts in different disciplines (henceforth called the Founding Members), having the aim of pursuing the purposes listed in the following Article without commercial gain.
The Academy may open other branches. It is already planned to open branches in Rome, Italy, and Brussels, Belgium.
The Academy’s logo represents a woman and a man in the foreground and the terrestrial globe in the background, with the words “INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES” around the circular border. The logo is shown below:

Article 2 - PURPOSE
The Academy intends to promote the improvement and the harmonic development of mankind and the environment.
The purposes of the Academy are:
1. to identify, support and promote excellence in scientific research on the environment by scientists of all nationalities and to encourage research and development in environmental matters;
2. to promote contacts and relationships between researchers and manage all types of teaching and study, using all available means to disseminate and transmit data and principles relating to the juridical and scientific aspects of the environment and to Communications Sciences in the international scientific community and the populations concerned;
3. to promote publications dealing with science, technology and the development of the environment theme;
4. also on the basis of theoretical research, to promote plans of study, research programmes and experimental projects and actions with the purpose of certifying and monitoring the environment.
5. to perform acts involving the practical safeguarding and harmonic evolution of the environment, in cooperation with institutions and organisations or groups at a local, regional, national or international level that pursue similar purposes or even only one of such purposes;
6. to promote a wide-ranging process of education at all levels with a view to increasing the information available on environment problems.
7. to promote initiatives whose purpose is to request the support of any state bodies responsible for any kind of agreement, directive, rule or national or international treaty relating to the protection of the environment.
8. to promote all initiatives that foster the protection of human rights.
9. to promote all initiatives supporting the creation of an International Court for the Environment.
10. to promote initiatives supporting the creation of a Permanent Centre for Environmental Studies.
11. to promote and support initiatives